Sunday, October 16, 2011

Political Mayhem

I must say, the republicans have really outdone themselves this time…  Their latest attempt to dilute the black vote is absolutely astounding to me.  Also, the fact that they think we are so stupid as to fall for such a thing.  I’m willing to bet that there was a private committee meeting amongst the elite strategizing on how to remove President Obama from office and somebody stood up and said “Lets get us a negro…better yet, we’ll get two!!”  And then came Herman Cain and Robert Johnson…
                The tactic was even better than I had thought it out to be.  It’s not to put an African-American candidate that has better qualifications in the race to beat President Obama square and fair, but to put one in so ridiculous that we don’t want to vote for an African-American period!  Herman Cain has gone on record saying some of the most outlandish and blasphemous statements I’ve ever heard.  And that 666 oops I’m sorry that 999 plan of his won’t even help 999 people.  
                Now let’s talk about our other supposed to be role model Robert Johnson… His great idea is to make fortune 500 companies require that minorities get a guaranteed opportunity to interview for top jobs.  If you think about it that helps even less people than the 999 plan.  How can the African-American people get a shot at the top spot when can’t get access to the same type of education to qualify us for the job? You have millions of people that need work period to eat and all you want to do is open up a few “shut em’ up” jobs in high places.  The president has tried time and time again to put projects in place to get immediate jobs going to help the lower and middle class people but the republicans stop it every single time. Those of us that were getting unemployment and it stopped, Obama extended it for us and the Republican Party went crazy!  I was amazed at the fact that they truly did not care if people had food on their tables… Really? So that’s how you do us?  That’s your mission Tea Party?
                No matter what Mr. Cain and Mr. Johnson try to say to black voters, we will always see the two of you as a fluke.  Both your plans boil down to exactly the same thing, the poor paying taxes while the rich get tax incentives…  We see straight through that token negro package you have put together and will not fall for it…

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